Freelance Style SEO

Forget old school “SEO / Search Engine Optimisation” and throw it out the window. We do it how it should be done; dropping the jargon, developing your brand and focusing on your marketing efforts.

Getting people to notice you in Google and clicking onto your website as a result is not as easy (in most cases) as it used to be. You can’t force your way up the pecking order, you need to do it properly.

Example: you wouldn’t print out leaflets you weren’t happy with and cram them through every door in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh, would you? Use the same principles on the internet and don’t allow any company to try and tell you otherwise. Quality over quantity, passion over number crunching and strategy over chaos.

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Digital Marketing, the holistic approach

Many people are aware they need to market their business online, and so are you which is why you are reading this. If you’re not convinced then picture the scene in five years. Your competitors have developed a presence on the internet, have social media with good followings/engagement and are growing. If you don’t do the same, what does your picture look like?

Content is king. Have you heard that before? It has truth in it, but without the strategy and thought it’s usless. That’s why we have a team, not just one freelancer. Have a look at our team page for more insight into who everyone is and what they do.

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